Paris World Games 2017

Four Stirlingshire Referees: Edward Mclean, Lewis McGarry, Ross Donaldson and Lewis Sinclair (all Category 5) attended the Paris World Games from the 7th to 13th July in Paris, France. Also in attendance were Glasgow’s Christopher McLaughlin, Renfrewshire’s Ross Cooper and Moray and Banff’s Clyde Buchan (all Category 5 also).

Throughout the week Team Scotland 1 (Edward, Lewis, Ross Cooper and Christopher) and Team Scotland 2 (Lewis Sinclair, Ross Donaldson and Clyde) were involved in some exciting group, knockout and final ties with a wide variety of nations participating.

This is a blog detailing Team Scotland 1’s week.












Friday 7th July

Team Scotland 1 arrived at Glasgow Airport at 5:45am in the morning, where we met Renfrewshire’s Sandy Miller who was travelling as a referee observer to the tournament. The flight departed Glasgow at 7.45am and we were on our way. After a short change at Heathrow we arrived in Paris at 13:20 local time.

We arrived at our accommodation shortly after arrival, and had time to settle in before that evening’s Referee meeting. The meeting was held at 7pm to go over the rules/regulations of the tournament and inform us of the tournament logistics, as the matches were spread throughout the whole of Paris.

Over the course of the first day, there were a couple of notable funny moments. Firstly, Lewis McGarry managed to get himself locked in the toilets at Glasgow airport, resulting in Edward having to kick the door in. Luckily no lasting damage was done to the door or Lewis! That evening, Ross Cooper had us all slightly puzzled as he managed to comment on the beauty of the Eiffel Tower – when he was in fact looking at the Arc de Triomphe! Then at dinner that night, the waiter strongly recommended the burgers to us as being delicious, only for him to tell us upon ordering that they in fact didn’t even have any.

We rested that night and prepared for the start of the tournament the next day.


Saturday 8th July


First appointments of the tournament;

Ephinay af Epinay (France) vs Paris FC (France) @ Stade Déjerine.

Referee: Lewis McGarry

AR’s: Edward McLean and Christopher McLaughlin

4th Official: Ross Cooper

Referee Observer: D. McCarrick (England)

The game passed incident free and finished 3-0 to Paris, with Lewis receiving a positive observation.



asc Emulation de Schoelcher (Martinique) vs Association Nojum el Moustakbal (Morroco) @ Stade Déjerine

Referee: Ross Cooper

AR’s: Edward Mclean and Christopher McLaughlin.

4th Official: Lewis McGarry

Observer: S.Brown (England)

asc Emulation de Schoelcher controlled what was to be a very fiesty game from start to finish. They were correctley awarded a 14th minute penalty and a superb solo goal ensured they won 2-0. A difficult match with 24 fouls over the 50 game, which Ross did well to keep control of.




During free time that evening whilst out sightseeing, we are at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower when Edward and Christopher receive a phone call. As their marks as AR’s from the observers were exemplary they had been appointed to the Woman’s open age final by the tournament Referee Committee.







Sunday 9th July

Unfortunately, Edward and Christopher’s woman’s final that evening was cancelled due to matter’s outwith their control. Lewis and Ross  away Lewis and Ross meanwhile refereed three games between them in the 8-a-side category.

ACBB (France) vs AS Juventa (Guadeloupe) @ Stade Max Rousie

Ref: Lewis M

The game was dominated by ACBB and AS Juventa couldn’t cope resulting in ACBB winning 2-0 from two very well worked team goals.


PFA (Tunisia) vs AS Sarcelles (France) @ Stade Max Rousie

Ref: Ross C

The game was again dominated by the French, resulting in them winning comfortably (4-1).


JSF Eperson (France) vs PFA (Tunisia) @ Stade Max Rousie

Ref: Ross C

The Tunisians made much more of a game of it this time, however they were pipped at the post in what was an absolute thriller.

JSF Eperson 5-4 PFA


That evening, serious thunderstorms suddenly hit Paris, resulting in the most rain the city had ever seen in a one hour period. We got caught right in the heart of the storm, and had to make a quick dash from the restaurant we were eating in at Place de la République to the metro station in nothing but t-shirts and shorts. We got absolutely soaked!







Monday 10th July


We were awoken by severe thunder and lightning just after 7am, none of the group had ever witnessed anything quite like it.

Monday brought with it Eddie’s first game of the tournament as Referee. Sadly it was our only game of the day, as our morning one had been called off.

FC Saida (Lebanon) vs Scholastica (Bangladesh) @ Stade Sébastien Charléty

Ref: Edward

AR’s: Lewis M and Ross C

4th Official: Christopher

FC Saida needed to win by six goals to qualify for the knockout stages and win they did, they outclassed the Bangladeshi opposition and won 7-1. The full-time whistle was met with scenes of jubilation and tears of happiness.



Later in the evening Lewis received the good news from the tournament committee that he will handle the Boy’s Under 17 quarter final after his good observation in the first game.

Christopher is also again in receipt of good news from the tournament committee as he is to referee the Boy’s Under 14 quarter final.



Tuesday 11th July


Football Club Benabed Amar (Algeria) vs Association Nojoum el Moustakbal (Morocco) @ Stade Suzanne Lenglen

Referee- Lewis M

AR’s- Ross C and Christopher

4th Official- Edward

Observer- P. Karczewski (England)

The game was a very tense affair, and after having had Moustakbal earlier in the week we knew what to expect. The game got very hostile and tense near the end resulting in lots of fouls and cards and the game not really getting any rhythm about it. 1-0 to the Algerians in the end saw them progress to the semi-finals.







COM Bagneux (France) vs La Salésienne de Paris (France) @ Stade Suzanne Lenglen

Referee: Christopher

AR’s: Ross C and Edward

4th Official: Lewis M


Debatably the best attacking game of the tournament for us. The game was end to end for the whole 50 minutes with two early goals from COM Bagneux. However, a strike from La Salésienne made the last 10 minutes very interesting.


While we are eating dinner at a restaurant Christopher and Edward are informed they have been appointed to the U17 Girls Final as Assistant Referees;


Wednesday 11th July

The referee teams we have been in up to now have been split up and mixed nationality teams have been appointed to the day’s Semi-Finals and Finals.

FC Gobblins(France) vs Al Adala (Iraq) @ Stade Déjerine

U16 Semi-Final



Referee: Steve Jansen (NED)

AR1: James Brown (ENG)

AR2: Oliver Byron (ENG)

4th Official: Lewis McGarry



Antony Sport Football (France) vs All Stars (Mexico) @ Stade Déjerine

U15 semi-final



Referee: Edward McLean

AR1: Stefan Radic (Serbia)

AR2: Zvonimir Radic (Croatia)

Observer: S.Brown (England)


La Salésienne de Paris(France) vs AC BOULONGE BILLANCOURT (France) @ Stade Déjerine

U15 semi-final



Referee: George Eaton (England)

AR1: Alex Shipp (England)

AR2: Viktor Frank (Hungary)

4th Official: Ross Cooper



AR10 Soccer Talent Madrid (Spain) vs Olympique Lyonnais (France) @ Stade Sébastien Charléty

U17 Girls final


Referee: Anja Collén (Sweden)

AR1: Chris McLaughlin

AR2: Edward McLean

4th Official: Adriana Nadolska (Poland)


A game that took place between the academy team of the woman’s Champions League winners Olympique Lyonnais and a very physical Spanish side. The physicality of the Spaniards proved just too much for Lyon in the end as they won 2-1.



Thursday 13th July

Before our flight home we went and watched some of the last remaining finals. We watched Euan Birch (Category 3) take charge of an incident packed U16’s final between Al Adala (Iraq) vs FC Ordin (Brazil) with the latter winning 3-2, a game which saw 3 penalties and a red card.

We also watched the top final of the tournament (Under 19’s) which was being handled by Ivan Stamenkovic of Serbia.

We arrived at Paris Orly Airport at 17:30 ready for our flight back to Scotland after a week that provided valuable experience, and will last long in our memories.