Futsal Referees Training Day

There will be a Futsal Referees Training Day At Oriam on Sunday 3rd December.
The training day will begin at 11am.
The agenda will be 11am – 12noon – Training Class Instruction
12noon – 1pm – Lunch
1pm – Attendance at Home Internationals

If you are wishing to attend please intimate your attendance to Thomas.murphy@scottishfa.co.uk and to Wes, to allow him to track the Stirlingshire members planning to attend.

New Entrants complete their first games

Well done to a number of our new entrants who have completed their first games since passing their exam recently.

Thanks go to Archie Riddell for co-ordinating this process and to the mentors for giving up their time to support the new referees in their first games.

We now look forward to seeing these new referees develop and continue to enjoy their experience as a referee.


Pictures below are of Scott Ballantyne and Ryan Kellock who both completed their first games on 18/11/17.

Regional Training Day – Sunday 12 November

The second Regional Training Day of 2017 is being held at Stirling University, FK9 4LA on Sunday 12th November 2017 and is open to anyone in Categories 3 Dev, 4, 4 Dev, 5, 6 and 7.

After the resounding success of our Training day earlier this year, there will again be some practical outdoor demonstrations to enhance your decision making. It would be helpful if you would bring along your flags, cards and a whistle. As these sessions will be on grass please bring appropriate footwear. The course will give you the opportunity to receive instruction and coaching from some of our top match officials and assist your development as a referee. The content of the course will be varied, incorporating all aspects of refereeing with advice of the highest quality.

Regional Training Days such as this will focus on your needs at the level of the game at which you officiate. This year will be no exception.

The day will begin outdoors at 10.00 am and should conclude around 3.30 pm.


To register your interest in attending this training day you should contact Wes (wesbsec@hotmail.com)

Welcome from Brian Winter

The SFA have recently announced that Brian Winter has been appointed as the referee committee member responsible for both Stirlingshire and Lanarkshire associations.

Brian has the following message for our members, as part of his introduction to Stirlingshire Refeees Association:

Following my appointment to the SFA Referee Committee last month, I am delighted that the SFA have aligned me with the responsibility for overseeing the Management of both Stirlingshire RA and Lanarkshire RA, and I am very much looking forward to meeting everyone within Stirlingshire Association.
For the last 3 years I undertook the role of Association Manager within Lanarkshire RA, and in that time I have come to appreciate the work that goes on ‘in house’ to ensure an Association can service the game at all levels. My main role will be to support not just your Association Managers in Brian McGarry and Ricky Mooney, two people I know very well and have worked with over the years, but to support all your members at every level.
Personally, I would say the priority for any Association has to sit with the ‘Development’ of Referees, as never before has there been a clearer pathway, with the supporting structures in place to give people that opportunity. Yes, its competitive, but the rewards for achievement are there to see. I look forward to ensuring Stirlingshire RA has all the support it needs to continue this.
Finally, I will be attending your Training Sessions and Meetings when I can and this will give me an opportunity to meet with you.
Good luck for the Season ahead.
Brian Winter
We wish Brian the best in his new role and look forward to seeing him at our training, meetings and other events.

Stirlingshire match officials bring amateur football season to a close

A team of 4 Stirlingshire referees were appointed to referee in the Stirling & District Amateur FA’s Mathieson Cup Final on Friday 9 June.

The game was played between Tullibody and Pennies and finished 1-0 to Tullibody.

Well done to the team of officials and we wish them a good close season.

From left to right:

Alan Lansdowne (AR), Tom Cavanagh (Referee), Gavin Young (AR), Gordon Wilson (4th Official)

Registered Referees officiating in Unaffiliated Football

Please see the note below, posted on the SFA referee extranet:


22nd May 2017
To All Referees
Dear Sir/Madam,
Registered Referees officiating in Unaffiliated Football
A Protocol between Scottish Amateur FA and the Scottish FA
The Scottish Amateur FA is concerned at the existence of Associations and Leagues which are not affiliated to it and which therefore operate outwith the organised football structures. The Scottish Amateur FA seeks to persuade such Associations and Leagues to become affiliated. It considers that its cause in this respect would be assisted by drawing attention to these circumstances to registered referees who are identified as officiating in unaffiliated Leagues and to the Scottish FA’s preference that registered referees should officiate only in affiliated football.
The following Protocol has been agreed by the Scottish Amateur FA and the Scottish FA. It sets out the process to be followed when the Scottish Amateur FA is advised that a registered referee may be officiating in unaffiliated football.
 The Scottish Amateur FA will contact the Scottish FA Referee Operations Department and advise the following information:
o Name of referee
o Match
o Name of Association or League
o Date
o Venue
 The Referee Operations will communicate with the referee advising that the League he/she is officiating in is unaffiliated to the Scottish Amateur FA and seek clarification from the referee as to whether that was known.
 The referee will be advised of the Scottish FA preference that referees operate in affiliated Leagues at all times.
 The referee will be directed to contact his/her Referees’ Association Secretary to obtain details on affiliated Leagues operating in his/her area.
 The referee’s Association Secretary and Association Manager(s) will be copied into the communication with the referee, as will the Scottish Amateur FA.
 If the referee accepts that he/she was officiating in unaffiliated football, he/she will be recommended to stop with immediate effect
 The Scottish Amateur FA and the referee’s Referees’ Association will be provided with the referee’s response
 If a referee fails to respond to the Scottish FA within 14 days, a further communication will be sent to him/her. Failure to respond will be communicated to the Scottish Amateur FA and to his/her Referees’ Association.


Referees are recommended to check the Scottish Amateur FA website – www.scottishamateurfa.co.uk – for information on all its affiliated Associations and Leagues.
Referees should note that the Scottish FA Insurance Cover applies to football played under the jurisdiction of the Scottish FA. Unaffiliated football is not under the Scottish FA’s jurisdiction.

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